Preliminary Clinical Data for eCLIPs Showing No Evidence of Aneurysm Recurrence or Persistence

VANCOUVER, CANADA – April 27, 2017 – Evasc Neurovascular Enterprises ULC today announced today an update to the preliminary clinical results for the eCLIPs Bifurcation Remodeling System which continues to demonstrate superior results over predicate treatment options.

Based on 25 deployments of eCLIPs in compliance with CE Mark indications for use follow-up at 6-months showed no instance of a worsening in Raymond score between procedure and follow-up. Additionally, in no instance was a Raymond 3 observed at follow-up, suggesting improved efficacy over existing treatment options. In contrast, alternative devices have been shown to have worsening Raymond scores at follow-up in a significant number of cases, including Raymond 3, indicating aneurysm persistence or recurrence. A Raymond 1 score indicates complete aneurysm occlusion, a Raymond 2 score indicates occlusion except for a neck remnant, and a Raymond 3 score indicates

“eCLIPs continues to exceed our high expectations. We have not seen a single case of aneurysm recurrence after deployment of eCLIPs,” said Dr. Donald Ricci, President and Chief Executive Officer of Evasc. “Compared to traditional treatments such as coiling and stent-assisted coiling which have an aneurysm recurrence rate of up to 35%, eCLIPs will significantly raise the standard of care available to patients and successful patient outcomes.”

 Further details on these preliminary clinical results were published in the March 17, Journal of Neurosurgery and the March 5, Journal of Market Access & Health Policy.

About the eCLIPs Aneurysm Remodeling System

In development since 2008, eCLIPs is a patented endovascular device designed to treat 95% of cerebral aneurysm cases, and is currently targeted for use in challenging wide-neck bifurcations. eCLIPs combines the best properties of stents and diverters, and can be used for coil retention and to enhance flow disruption. eCLIPs avoids dangerous entry into the dynamic, fragile environment of the aneurysm sac, while protecting and providing a platform for endothelial growth across the bifurcation neck. To date, eCLIPs has been used to treat cerebral aneurysms in over 40 patients in Canada and Europe.

About Evasc Neurovascular

Evasc Neurovascular is a privately held medical device company focused on the development of disruptive endovascular treatments for cerebral aneurysms. Evasc received CE mark approval in 2014. Evasc is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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