Medical Devices for Cerebral Aneurysms

We provide novel solutions for the endovascular repair of cerebral aneurysms, to provide a much higher standard of care and rate of successful treatment outcomes than previously possible.

An Aneurysm

Evasc’s lead product is an innovative device designed to treat 95% of cerebral aneurysms and is currently targeted for use in challenging wide-neck bifurcations. eCLIPs effectively treats an aneurysm by bridging the neck, creating flow effect, and providing scaffolding to enable endothelial growth.

Unique Spine Rib Design

  • Designed for both bifurcations and sidewall aneurysms
  • No dangerous entry into the fragile aneurysm sac

Controlled Deployment

  • Deployment is as effective as the most deliverable neuro stent
  • Fully repositionable and retrievable prior to detachment
  • Non-migrating design prevents inadvertent movement of device
  • One size is usable in a high percentage of cases

Ideal for Bifurcations

Bridges the neck, resulting in:

  • Significant flow disruption
  • Effective coil retention
  • Mitigated water hammer effect


Preliminary results show no evidence of aneurysm persistence or recurrence (Raymond 3) in patients meeting CE Mark indications criteria after deployment of eCLIPs. With alternative devices and techniques, studies consistently show aneurysm recurrence.

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