The system is comprised of an eCLIPs™ Implant, an eCLIPs™ Delivery Wire and an eCLIPs™ Sheath.

The Implant is a permanent implant that provides an initial framework or scaffold at the opening of an aneurysm in support of embolic coils and to provide an ancillary flow diverting effect.

The Delivery Wire is designed to deliver and detach the Implant at the target location. The System is available in two sizes: one is compatible with 0.027" ID microcatheters and the other is compatible with 0.021" ID microcatheters.

safety information

Ease of use

  • Self-aligning delivery
  • Fully retractable & repositionable
  • Compatible with standard 021 and 027 micro catheters
  • Non-shortening
  • Anchor segment prevents migration
  • No need to access both side branches
  • Can cross implant leaf segment at any time for adjunctive coiling
Illustration showing the size of the flow diverting leaf segment and the anchor segment.
Four images showing neck-bridging leaf segment, coil retention, flow diversion. and platform for endothelial growth.

Neck-Bridging Leaf Segment

  • Dense rib structure provides coverage across neck
  • Produces flow diversion: mitigates water hammer effect
  • Creates platform for endothelial growth
  • Ideal for coil retention
  • Re-crossable after deployment

Product specifications

A chart showing product specifications.

clinical evidence

• Improved wall apposition

• Does not impede side branches

• Does not reside in parent branch

• One size fits most vessels

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