A Virtual Comparison of the eCLIPs Device and Conventional Flow-Diverters

Effective, consistent, and complication-free treatment of cerebral bifurcation aneurysms remains elusive despite a pressing need, with the majority of lesions presenting in such locations. Current treatment options focus either on aneurysm coil retention, supported by a stent-like device positioned in the parent vessel lumen, or intrasaccular devices that disrupt flow within the aneurysm dome. A third alternative, i.e., the use of conventional (intraluminal) flow diverters to treat such bifurcation aneurysms raises the problem that at least one daughter vessel needs to be jailed in such a deployment. The eCLIPs is unique non-tubular device that causes flow-diversion at the aneurysm neck, without the drawbacks of daughter vessel obstruction or those associated with intrasaccular deployment. Read more of the study here.

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