Evasc Neurovascular Announces First Neuro Product Approved in French Forfait Innovation Program

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Evasc Neurovascular is proud to announce its successful application to France’s Ministry of Health (Haute Autorité de la Santé, HAS) Forfait Innovation (FI) program for the eCLIPs™ device, published in its official journal December 23, 2020.

The Forfait Innovation program grants clinical trial funding to evaluate CE marked devices that are deemed to be truly innovative (not simply incremental developments) and offer significant clinical benefit, filling an unmet medical need. The eCLIPs device is the first neuro device that has gained FI approval and funding. The funded amount of €2.76 million covers hospital costs of a 119-patient trial against optimal performance criteria (OPC).

Dr. Donald Ricci, CEO of Evasc Neurovascular, comments, “We are pleased to have confirmation by an influential and independent third party, the French Ministry of Health, that eCLIPs represents an innovation in the treatment of intracranial bifurcation aneurysms, a consistent message in our presentations, publications and discussions with neuro-interventionalists over the past few years."

About the eCLIPs Aneurysm Treatment System

eCLIPs is a non-tubular endovascular device currently targeted for use in challenging wide-neck bifurcations, using technology designed to treat 95% of cerebral aneurysm cases. The unique eCLIPs design provides not only coil retention, but also flow diversion at the neck. eCLIPs avoids dangerous entry into the dynamic, fragile environment of the aneurysm sac while leaving side branches unencumbered and providing a platform for endothelial growth across the bifurcation neck.

About Evasc

Evasc Neurovascular is a privately-held medical device company focused on the development of disruptive endovascular treatments for cerebral aneurysms. Evasc Neurovascluar is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

For more information, contact Scott Wilson at +1 (604) 742-3811, wilson@evasc.com.

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